Thursday, 14 June 2012

How TO Add Search Box Widget In Blogger

There times Weblog writer is the only website designer which is recommanded by the customers as well as the founder just because it is easy to use no need to understand programming.php and other factors And because it is own by Search engines so its easy to rated well in Search engines that did not indicates it does not need some Seo Guidelines.But nowadays we will add a look for website search engine optimization in Weblog writer while most of the design have this device built-in but some old design does not have this.This device will not only create your website easy to use but also improve your visitors as your articles will arrive at its suitable viewers by look for device.So let us get began,let me tell you the actions are very easy so you don't need any exercising with regards to php or Etc

Step No 1:Adding Code Code
First duplicate the following Design value you like the most create sure you duplicate only one value Then Go to Weblog Then >> Your Weblog >> Structure >> Add Gadget/Page Factor >>> HTML/JavaScript >>> then insert the value which is below >> Then Media Preserve Option And you are done

Style No 1: On the internet Stay Preview

Style No 2: On the internet Stay Preview

Style No 3: On the internet Stay Preview

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