Sunday, 17 June 2012

How We Can Add Auto Ping Widgets In Blogger

Pinging means a lot in seo when ever you called ping your website/blog it aware the look for website search engine optimization crawlers to check out you website/blog.This not only increase your crawlers moving but also it could position your web page great in google,so if you add a called ping now device to your blog/website there is a very great opportunity that your guests might called ping your web page which will help you in enhancing your website's position.Adding a Ping Now device is very easy just you have to add a Value Code and you are done so let us start adding

Preview :
Go To >>Your Weblog >> Structure >> Add A Gadget >> Html/Javascript 
To Get The Value Visit And boost the called ping now option according to your site style and then easy insert in the Html/Javascript  and Hit Preserve Button

Now organize your Ping Now Button where ever you want to show it on top or in bottom and then hit save design

And Now check out your site and when ever you or your guests will simply click on called ping now option it will inform the crawlers about the update of your site and soon crawlers will check out your site to enhance your content in look for engine

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